Musicians and Imagination

Our past experience creates the thoughts that we have. It is hard to get rid of limitations of thinking and moving created by our experience. But, whilst our bodies and minds may have limitations, our imagination doesn’t. 

If we can create freer experiences in our imagination, we can create concrete experiences to follow. To the degree we can imagine something, we can do it. As long as it’s not too far away from our current experience.

A study with a professional and amateur pianist playing the same concerto showed that the differences in ease are visible in the brain, during playing. The professional had honed, more efficient neural networks, less of his brain was lighting up, and the amateur player needed more of his brain to be involved to play. But when both players imagined playing the piece, the brain efficiency was more similar. 

Efficiency of movement is hard to create for humans. Even 50% efficiency is hard to achieve. But we can all move more ergonomically than we do. We can use imagination to realise this.

This week’s Sunday evening Feldenkrais for Musicians session will be playing with this idea, for you, and to bring into the teaching room too.

To join us, get in touch. Read more on the Classes page.

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