Individual Lessons

One-to-one: Hands-on sessions in London WC1N, or Online

7 minutes walk from Kings Cross St Pancras station,

5 minutes from Russell Square.

I am offering face-to-face sessions once more, and Covid-19 protocols are in place. To find out more: go here.

What to expect?

One to one sessions are built around you, your specific needs, your requests.

For some, that’s pain, stiffness, tension, problems with restricted movement or balance. For others, there’s a desire to hone their techniques, whether for music, acting, dance or sport. Others simply want better posture or to walk in a different way.

There won’t be any need to remove your clothing, but I will be interested in watching you to stand and move without your shoes. Often our lesson starts with observing you in motion- what’s easy for you, what’s difficult.

We don’t just concentrate on the problem, but rather look for creative solutions that problem by involving more of you. We’re looking for transformation, and learning, rather than a sticking plaster.

Often that means starting with what is working well, where your skeleton is free to move, in order to encourage the sensory-motor part of the brain which is in charge of healthy movement and co-ordination to come into the picture.

Hands-On: The majority of a hands-on lesson is taught through touch. We start from what is already working, to see how you can already move with ease, and to encourage a sense of safety. From strength round to weakness if you like. This “agreeing” and complete acceptance of you the way you are, on a very fundamental level of touch is unique to Feldenkrais, and it’s part of the reason why these gentle movements can be so profound.

Online: If you’re learning with me remotely, we’ll work together in a combination of directed movement, and directed self-touch. These sessions are also very effective, and I have got many a person out of pain this way who can’t come to me in person- whether because of Covid-19, or simply that they live too far away. In addition to our live session, you’ll receive a video/audio recording of the session, to carry on the learning after the lesson is over.

I use my expertise to help you learn which movement habits are holding you back, or causing pain, and how to let go of unconstructive movment patterns, and build new more useful ones in their place.

As you feel more integrated (complete or whole) you will feel more relaxed, move with more ease, and most find they increase a deep confidence in their potential to improve and meet change.

Sessions last an hour. Please wear warm, loose clothes that allows easy movement.

Would you like to work with me? To book, call 07939277189, or

When are individual lessons suitable for you?

  • When you want personalised help with pain or injury.
  • An intensive way of making fast progress.
  • A wonderful introduction to the Feldenkrais Method

Why not try a week of intensive FIs? Three or four lessons in one week is one way of making swift improvements. Also suitable for children.

(NB this is an intensive way of working so not suitable for all. please call to discuss.)

Please note that after confirming a one-to-one session, 24 hours notice to cancel is required.

What could you get out of Feldenkrais? And what is it like to work with me? Here’s one of my clients: Caroline who’s a musician, talking about it below.

Caroline in conversation
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