Due to Covid-19 and the need for physical distancing, all group lessons will be held online via Zoom until further notice.

Online Live: Group lessons via Zoom

Weekly Schedule: Autumn Term: September 2nd to the 17th December 2020

Sundays: 7 pm

Wednesdays: 7 pm

Mondays: 10 am

Thursdays: 8 pm

All times in UK BST.

New: Feldenkrais-on-Demand

What is it? A weekly Feldenkrais audio lesson for subscribers to listen to in their own time.

Who is it for? Its for those of you would like to practise Feldenkrais, and bring it into your lives, but can’t get to a scheduled lesson, either because you’re too far from a practitioner, or simply your schedule doesn’t match with a class.

How do you get it? Click here to go to the Feldenkrais-on-Demand page.

or Mix and Match.

Sign up for 6 lesson bundle and have access to the audio lessons if there are weeks you can’t make in person. Email me for more details.

What you will need to join us:

  • A space on the floor with a blanket or mat to lie on.
  • A webcam/tablet/phone pointing at you, so I can see all of you when you move – this helps me to teach better.
  • To download and run the Zoom app on your device (I have passwords and have organised settings to be safe.)
  • I’ll be there 10 minutes early to say hello, chat, and help with any of the above.
  • We usually have a few minutes afterwards to chat about the lesson, for those who would like to.

Its important you move yourself gently, and stay within a comfortable limit. When taking part in an online class, it is your responsibility to make sure you move in a way where you don’t hurt yourself,

Try out an online lesson, and see how it moves you.


Students are led verbally through lessons. Each lesson is designed to work on different parts of the body, with emphasis on feeling and sensing what happens in the body as you move. This heightening of awareness allows you to feel how you could move more easily.


By reducing force, we become able to discern how much effort is really necessary to act.

As we become more aware of the habits of tension we have, and habits of how we move, we are able to find new and better ways of moving.


There are hundreds of lessons which means the whole body is thought about over the course of time. Each lesson is different, so your brain stays engaged.

To join us, sign up here to receive the weekly email for the Zoom links:


Classes are £10.00 each, or £54.00 for a bundle of 6, in advance. These need to be taken within 10 weeks of teaching time. If Covid-19 has affected your income, please email me.

Payment is via Paypal. A link is given in the weekly email, or you can buy a bundle below. If you need an alternative payment option please get in touch.

Feldenkrais Live-Online

A 6 class bundle. (to be taken within 10 weeks of purchase)

Each week you’ll receive an email with the Zoom link for the week’s classes.

I am so grateful for your Sunday evening Feldenkrais classes. I emerge from them feeling far better able to face the home-working week that lies ahead. This class has become an invaluable and much appreciated beacon up ahead to look forward to each week.

Susanna I.

Emma has a very calming manner. My session with her really helped with the tension in my shoulders and back, helping me to reconnect and gain more freedom in my movement. Looking forward to more! Thanks, Emma!

Micheila B.

Emma is a great teacher – I’ve been going to her online classes and she’s so clear, they work really well even though it’s on Zoom. She also has this amazing soothing manner! It’s nice to step out of the world for an hour or so. Would absolutely recommend, she’s fab.

Anna D.

Thank you so much for a wonderful session! I’m a violinist and I’ve got some shoulder blade aches today, so there were certain things I couldn’t do or had to modify in the lesson today. But even with all of that, I felt my violin playing so much free-er at the end of the session, compared to the beginning, and the sound was transformed! And I felt much more openness in my shoulders and arms. Amazing. Thank you very much.

Susan B.

“Wow! The difference in my playing brings tears to my eyes… so much more freedom and responsiveness of my playing to my imagination. Thank you, thank you!!!”

Marianne R.

Wow! Not done this before. Fantastic insights, I loved today – I feel open, my breathing is better, and a wonderful feeling between shoulder blades. Happy. 😊

Timothy G.

My 9 year Old violin playing son listened and engaged with the whole lesson – wow!! He’s now playing and says he feels very relaxed!! Thank you!!”

Rowan B