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This is where you’ll find recordings of Emma’s weekly Feldenkrais for Musicians lesson or workshop after the event. Recordings will stay up for the term for you to revisit or try out.

(We start on the 7th January 2022, recordings will be up each week as soon as possible. Realistically, within 48 hours)

If you have lost the 2022 Zoom link for the weekly class, it’s:

Meeting ID: 892 0069 1104. Passcode: Altermoves

Questions? Email me

New to Feldenkrais? Move yourself gently, slowly. Stay in your comfortable range of movement.

This is a learning method, rather than exercise, so there’s no gain in straining, or pushing yourself through pain.

  • If it hurts, stop.
  • Move slower, smaller, less frequently.
  • If it still hurts, do the movements in your imagination.
  • We’re aiming to learn to distinguish between different ways of moving.

January: Common areas of discomfort: Shoulders, neck & back

14th January

Freeing the Neck

This lesson is in lying on your stomach. You can also do it in sitting with your head on the table in front of you.

with Emma

As you are moving your neck, you’ll need to be careful and gentle with yourself. Make the movements very small, and don’t force. The less force you use, the more you’ll improve.

Stop and rest as often as you need to.

7th January

Freeing the Shoulders

with Niall

January 21st

Freeing up the Spine

On all fours, or sitting with hands on the table/chair back in front.

January 28th

Untwisting the back.

In lying on the back

February: Reducing Anxiety, improving stage presence

4th February

about the lesson

11th February

about the lesson

18th February

about the lesson

March: Avoiding and recovering from Injury

April-May: Teaching with embodiment in mind

June: Improving co-ordination

July: Embodied playing- sensing your whole self to reduce effort and tension