Feldenkrais for Musicians

Performers work hard, and we use our body to serve our art form. 

Sometimes there are physical issues around playing we ignore.

These can inhibit performance, and after time, can lead to persistent injury, pain, frustration, and even cut careers short.

With my background as a professional classical musician, I bring a wealth of experience with me: from understanding how we were taught our instruments, to the pressures of standing in front of an audience and performing at the highest level. I understand the stresses and excitements of a performing and touring life, and am therefore in an excellent position to help with issues including:

  • Improving posture
  • restricted movement/ RSI/ chronic tension
  • pain whilst playing or performing,
  • Performance anxiety/Stage presence
  • Freeing up artistic expression.
  • Improving instrument set-up
  • Making and modifying hardware (chin-rests/shoulder pads etc) to make the instrument fit you better
  • Underlying movement habits that are getting in the way of efficient technique.
  • Improving your technique

I work with musicians individually, or in group sessions.

I use a process of organic learning, through moving and sensing, to help free up your habitual patterns. Our movement habits, embedded in our nervous system, often become outmoded or dysfunctional, creating unnecessary limitations.

With gentle movements we work out new patterns of thinking, moving, and feeling to emerge.

MusicMoves Workshops: (at present online):

Finding Fluidity in the Shoulders

We’ll be exploring:

  • Improving comfort
  • Better posture
  • Discovering freedom of the shoulders
  • How to find Fluid movement
  • Connecting your shoulders with the skeleton
  • Integrating ideas into the Practice Room.

Price: £20.00

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Finding Ease in the Hands

Workshop for musicians
Sunday 8th August 3-6 pm (UK time)

This workshop is focussing on:

  • Freeing your breath,
  • Finding support for your bowing arm
  • Finding simplicity in the right hand
  • Using movement to create smoothness
  • Supporting your arms from your whole skeleton.
  • Integrating ideas into the practice room

Price: £20.00

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