Feldenkrais for Musicians in 2021

You are your primary instrument.

In my sessions and workshops we’ll look at:

  • How your whole body supports your technique. You are your primary instrument. 
  • Reducing aches and pains
  • Supporting your playing or singing from whole your skeleton. (The ease of what you do, and quality of your movement is based on how well you support your head, shoulders, arms and fingers from the rest of your skeleton. )
  • Concentrating on skeletal movement is the key to easy movement.
  • Developing your self-awareness and learning to reduce or prevent future discomfort/injury
  • How work with your body not against it.
  • How to lock into your organic learning abilities.
  • learn new options for greater freedom of movement

String-Moves workshops:

Specialist workshops for stringplayers!

For dates, details and booking- go to the Stringmoves page

Sun 28th Feb 10am-1pm

Sun 28th March 10am- 1pm

Sat Apr 3rd 2-5pm

Sun 25th April 10.00-13.00

Guitarists: Playing with freedom

Bowed Strings: Freedom in your Bowing Arm

Upper Strings: Improving the Left hand

Double Bassists: Finding Comfort in playing

Workshops for the Musicians’ Union

I’m delighted that my MU monthly workshops will continue until April 2021.

Venue: Online until further notice.

Time: Mornings: 10.00-1.00.

Price: £5 for MU members, booking through the MU only

Tickets: via the MU: 020 7840 5563

or via email:


Friday Morning 10-11 am Introduction to Feldenkrais M.U. Sessions!

Running until through to April, I’ll be running an hour session each week (unless there’s a workshop).

Free for M.U. members, available as above.

Photo by Robin Benzrihem

I teach Feldenkrais workshops on varying themes. Do come back regularly to check out what’s coming up.  If there’s something in particular you’re interested in, let me know and I will see if its possible to programme.

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I enjoy teaching ” Feldenkrais for Musicians “ workshops. If you would like me to come and do a workshop for your ensemble or choir please contact me.

I have been a guest lecturer at the Royal College of Music, the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, for the Musicians Union, the RNCM, and the British Army Band at Sandhurst.

Workshops have included:

Comfort on Parade: Using Feldenkrais to find greater ease and comfort whilst playing/standing on parade

Psychology in Performance: using Feldenkrais to help overcome Stage Fright, and

Feldenkrais as Secret Ninja Practice: Using Feldenkrais to make everyday practise easier.

Bodywork for String Players: using Shoulders, arms and hands with less effort.

If you’re coming to a workshop, you will need to wear comfortable clothes you can move easily in, layers to keep warm, and bring a mat.

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