Upcoming dates: Sun 18th February: 10.30-1.30:

Pause For Breath!


A morning workshop to leave you with more room to breathe…

Often when life throws something tricky in our path, one way we deal with it is to constrict the breathing. Which would be great if we were momentarily pausing to run away, fight for our lives, or freeze to lull the approaching predator to imagine we’re not there, or dead, but that doesn’t really relate to the majority of our modern lifestyles. Stopping the breathing means less oxygen to the brain, therefore tunnel breathing, and less ability to think rationally.

So come along and learn how we can find more resources to breathe more freely even under stress.

Price: £40 per person, and a deposit necessary for booking. Reductions available on request 

Venue: Ground Floor, 2-8, Scrutton St, EC2A 4RT

Time: Sunday, 18th Feb, 10.30-1.30

Booking is essential, and as space is very limited, reservation of your space is by deposit in advance. 

Please email me for more information, and to book.


I teach monthly Feldenkrais workshops on varying themes. Do come back regularly to check out what’s coming up.  If there’s something in particular you’re interested in, let me know and I will see if its possible to programme.

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I teach regular ” Feldenkrais for Musicians “ workshops.

I have been a guest lecturer at the Royal College of Music, the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, for the Musicians Union, and  the RNCM.

Workshops have included:

Psychology in Performance: using Feldenkrais to help overcome Stage Fright, and

Feldenkrais as Secret Ninja Practice: Using Feldenkrais to make everyday practise easier.

Bodywork for String Players: using Shoulders, arms and hands with less effort.

For more information about these please contact me
You will need to wear comfortable clothes you can move easily in, layers to keep warm, and bring a mat.

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