Upcoming dates:  Friday 22nd June: 14.00-18.00:

Embody your Voice

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An afternoon of bodywork to free and support the voice- whether a professional singer, teacher, or anyone else.

We can all talk and sing, but how easy is it for you to feel comfortable doing so, whether professionally on stage or in presenting, and how can we make it easier?
By working on reducing unnecessary tension and constrictions in the areas of ourselves that we make sound, we can find vocal ease, and support power of sound by connecting ourselves to our skeletal support structures: not only in the parts we naturally think about when singing or speaking, such as the tongue, jaw, neck and palate; but also how we connect through through the spine to the hips, pelvic floor, and even down to the feet!

The Feldenkrais Method can help to free the breath, develop clearer articulation, improve resonance and tone quality, improve spontaneity and creativity and use the whole body expressively. It can also help with performance anxiety.

It takes a little time to get into the Feldenkrais method as it is so different from other exercises. However, the results from very small movements are amazing. Feldenkrais gives you another way to understand how your whole body works and how different parts are connected. The results at the end of a lesson are often thought provoking.

We’ll be moving in unusual, informative and explorative ways to encourage your nervous system to find new ways of moving.

Wear warm loose clothing you can move around in, and bring layers in case its balmy. Bring a mat/blanket to lie on, I will have enough for all if you are happy to use mine.

Venue: Ground Floor, 2-8, Scrutton St, EC2A 4RT

Time: Friday 22nd June, 14.00-18.00

Price: £30 per person.  £25 for MU;ISM; SU; OAPs

If cost is a genuine barrier to coming please get in touch.

Booking is essential, and as space is very limited, reservation of your space is by £15 deposit in advance. 

Please email me for more information, and to book.

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I teach monthly Feldenkrais workshops on varying themes. Do come back regularly to check out what’s coming up.  If there’s something in particular you’re interested in, let me know and I will see if its possible to programme.

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I teach regular ” Feldenkrais for Musicians “ workshops.

I have been a guest lecturer at the Royal College of Music, the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, for the Musicians Union, and  the RNCM.

Workshops have included:

Psychology in Performance: using Feldenkrais to help overcome Stage Fright, and

Feldenkrais as Secret Ninja Practice: Using Feldenkrais to make everyday practise easier.

Bodywork for String Players: using Shoulders, arms and hands with less effort.

For more information about these please contact me
You will need to wear comfortable clothes you can move easily in, layers to keep warm, and bring a mat.

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