Taking Easy Steps

Happy New Year! Thank you for being part of my community this last year. I hope you had a good Festive Season, and are looking forwards to another journey around the Sun! January is of course the time for new resolutions. Some of us like to make a list of things we’d like to change … More Taking Easy Steps

Our nervous system

When we learn about the body, if we do in school, it’s not always that we learn about the nervous system. We can think of our nervous system as our communication system between the brain and the body. Like an old fashioned telephone exchange. The nerves communicate with electrical signal, which can travel up to … More Our nervous system

Unwrapping yourself

Unwrapping yourself One of the things we talked about this weekend was this idea central to Feldenkrais, of stripping back. We used to play this version ofpass the parcel in my family when we were little. The parcel would be wrapped in many layers of wrapping paper, sometimes with chocolates between the layers. When the … More Unwrapping yourself

Pain and thought

This week I managed to stub and sprain my toe on a pesky paving stone. So undramatic an event, and yet pretty painful. But what I know about pain these days meant the way I dealt with it was different. Previously, I would have told everyone about my mishap through the day. I would have … More Pain and thought

Improve Anxiety

Looking at Anxiety Part 2 The Neurophysiology of Anxiety Anxiety is created in the brain. Like everything else. As a fear based emotion/response it’s part of the sympathetic-parasympathetic system.  The fear response is holistic. (Brain-and-body). Adrenalin gets pumped around the body, and its brain equivalent epinephrine, in the brain. The nervous system includes the brain, … More Improve Anxiety