Reduce the effort…

One of the things I remember from some of my first Feldenkrais lessons was to “do less”. Which in the beginning, I wasn’t sure how to do. But over time, I learnt to require less of myself, in a movement sense to find the skeletal path.

Try it:

Pick up a pen or pencil.  Hold the pencil tightly. Write a sentence or two, clearly and firmly.

And then, imagine just the bones of your hands holding the pencil. How gently can you hold the pencil before it drops? Hold it as lightly as you can. Rest part of your arm/wrist on the table, if that’s comfortable for you, and have the sense of your skeleton writing the words. Write your sentences again.

Which was easier for you? More enjoyable? Perhaps even felt as if the words flowed more?

One of Feldenkrais later books was entitled the Elusive Obvious. To do less whilst achieving more is obvious goal. And yet few of us think about it in regards to our daily life, our everyday movements.

When we try less hard we do things more efficiently: maximum output, minimum input.

In the beginning this needs our cerebral power firmly on: brains on, effort off; not the other way round.

What might you gain in taking the foot off your self-imposed gas pedal? Let me know in the comments below!

For me some of these gains include:

a) more playfulness- its hard to find fun and pleasure when we’re trying so hard

b) More sense of feeling comfortable in one’s own skin- its enough to be, without always needing to find our self worth in what we do, and the amount of work we put into that.

c) And physically? Better, clearer co-ordination; more stamina; less restriction of movement; ease of moving around; even to being comfortable climbing up and down climbing frames, at my ripe middle age of 45. I move better than many people I know who are younger than me, and didn’t start with the physical disadvantages I did.

So, make 2020 a year of clear vision- of looking at how you’re doing things, and seeing if there’s a way of doing it a little more easily, and with less effort.

Happy New Year!

Workshops, Lessons, and Classes:

I’m delighted to have been asked to continue my monthly Feldenkrais workshops for Musicians in 2020, after 6 sold out sessions last year.

Sign up information, and dates to come soon…

I teach one-to-one lessons from my studio in Kings Cross/ Russell Square.
These lessons are able to focus on your specific needs. Starting from where you are, I use my expertise help you learn which movement habits are holding you back, how to let go of patterns which are unhelpful or no longer constructive, and build new ones in their place.


Wednesdays at 7-8 pm
The Crypt, St Peter’s de Beauvoir
Northchurch Terrace
N1 4DA

The Spring 2020 Term runs from the 15th January through to the 1st April inclusive (excepting the 26th of February, when there is no class).

If you have not been to one of my classes before, please get in touch first:

Drop in £13.00;
6 classes in advance: £65.00 (valid for 3 months) ;
The whole 11 week term in advance: £100.

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