Reduce the effort…

One of the things I remember from some of my first Feldenkrais lessons was to “do less”. Which in the beginning, I wasn’t sure how to do. But over time, I learnt to require less of myself, in a movement sense to find the skeletal path. Try it: Pick up a pen or pencil.  HoldContinue reading “Reduce the effort…”

Peace of mind & Feldenkrais:

Most people, if they know a little about Feldenkrais think about it about becoming flexible, or moving more easily, and its true, and an important part of what Feldenkrais can do that you might find useful in your life. But its more than that. Feldenkrais famously wrote: “What I’m after is not flexible bodies, butContinue reading “Peace of mind & Feldenkrais:”

Change begins with small things.

The other day I bought some nail varnish, (in a sparkly purple, for those interested in the details). Obviously not such a notable event, except I don’t wear nail varnish. Well very rarely. In my childhood, nail varnish wasn’t something we did at home. My mother came from the generation where “nice girls” didn’t paintContinue reading “Change begins with small things.”

‘Vera’  – a musician re-discovers herself

Vera’  – a musician re-discovers herself by Emma Alter  (as written for the FGUK newsletter) Musicians (with some exceptions) spend their life moving their fingers very precisely, whilst often contorting themselves in very unnatural ways. We often start when we are very young, and before we are really aware of the effects of repetitive movementsContinue reading “‘Vera’  – a musician re-discovers herself”

ELLSO- Feldenkrais for Amateur Musicians

I feel lucky that often, going to work is a real treat. I was invited to give a Feldenkrais Workshop for Amateur String-players at their Summer Camp in Tonbridge in August. It is a course run by ELLSO- the East London Late Starters Orchestra– a group I had heard of many times, but never encounteredContinue reading “ELLSO- Feldenkrais for Amateur Musicians”