Group Classes

Classes generally last an hour and are offered weekly, generally in 6-10 week segments on a particular theme. Ideally you would start at the beginning of an 6 week series, but each lesson does stand alone, so if you’d like to try out a class, just give me a call or send me an email. We can decide together if that would be a good choice for your particular situation.

Students are led verbally through lessons. Each lesson is designed to work on different parts of the body, with emphasis on feeling and sensing what happens in the body as you move. This heightening of awareness allows you to feel how you could move more easily.

As we become more aware of the habits of tension we have, and habits of how we move, we are able to find new and better ways of moving.

Lessons are generally an hour. There are hundreds of lessons which means the whole body is thought about over the course of time, and each lesson is different, so your brain stays engaged.

Weekly Group Classes in London: 

Wednesday evenings: 7-8 pm, 

St Peters de Beauvoir, Northchurch Terrace, N1 4DA. 

Our lessons are in the Hall. Entrance is via buzzer. 

£12 drop-in. £60 for 6 classes in advance (valid for 3 months).

Classes run from the 4th Sept to 4th Dec 2019.

Email me for more details, or to let me know you’d like to come.



I give monthly workshops on different themes, please check out the workshops page for more details.

Venue: Central London.

Times: Usually 10.30-1.30; 2.30-5.30, but check for details.

For upcoming dates please check out the workshops page. Please email me for more details, and prices.

Please do sign up to my mailing list.  I send newsletters once a month, to let you know of workshops/classes I am holding, and/or including blog posts.

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