Taking Easy Steps

Happy New Year! Thank you for being part of my community this last year. I hope you had a good Festive Season, and are looking forwards to another journey around the Sun!

January is of course the time for new resolutions. Some of us like to make a list of things we’d like to change about ourselves. And 90% of those resolutions get dropped by the end of January.
I’m not judging, I’ve been one of that 90% on many occasions!

I’m not making any new resolutions that aren’t easy this year. Easy to carry out, and that don’t take much time. Sounds like a cop-out? It’s not. I’m tuning in to how our brains work. Rather than working against myself.

We need to take small steps to show ourselves proof of concept. Realise we can do it.

What do I mean?

I don’t drink enough water. It’s boring to drink. I know I should. So my new commitment has been to drink a small glass of water in the morning when I get up, on my way to wash. It’s a tiny easy step that is easy to do and to keep up.

When it’s too far away from what we’re doing, it’s difficult to keep up a new habit. If it’s too much like hard work, and we don’t see immediate gains most of us will stop. There’s a lot of negative emotion associated with failure. Which makes it hard to re-start, and more likely we give up.
If we make the step small enough so we can do it with ease, then we can start with a positive. When we see we can do something about our situation, that we have agency, we can change our mindset. Then the door can open further to bigger changes.

What is one thing you’d like to improve this year? And what would be the smallest step towards it?

Lean in. Take baby steps. And savour each tiny step of success.

These small steps of learning are how each Feldenkrais lesson works. Giving you different ways of feeling successful in learning how you move, breaking complex movement patterns down into easier steps, and giving you new experiences of how you can feel and sense yourself.

Come and try a lesson if you haven’t already. Your first lesson is free. 
It’s easy.

  • Choose a time.
  • Find a space in your room. 
  • Put down a blanket or mat, or make space on your carpet. 
  • Join on your device with the Zoom link (Email me to receive it)

Need to know more before you join us? 

Read more about it on the classes page or blog give me a ring (07939277189), or send an email.

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