Feldenkrais Method for Musicians – Why do it?

You are your primary Instrument… Whether that’s a Strad or a factory violin is up to how you use what you have! All of our technique, whatever we play or sing, boils down on movement:  we move ourselves to create music. The less effort and tension we use, the better, and more efficiently, we can bring across to … More Feldenkrais Method for Musicians – Why do it?

Habits of Gratitude

Today is Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of Atonement. It’s a day on which we fast and and repent, and symbolically hope we behaved well enough to be inscribed in the Book of Life this year. Actually, the first service of Yom Kippur starts the evening before, and ends just before sunset, called Kol Nidrei. It’s … More Habits of Gratitude

Shoulder support…

So often people come to me with sore shoulders, or tension in their shoulders. And they’re looking at where the problem is in order to find a solution. Which in my experience is usually the wrong place! Our shoulders are amazing, both flexible and and strong. And their flexibility comes from that they are only … More Shoulder support…

Touching Base

February is my least favourite month in the UK. It’s cold, and the winter always feels to me like it’s dragging its heels at this point. My January Blues are usually in February! But this month, lockdown has kept me busy working with some lovely people that I’ve been pleased to be working with. In the … More Touching Base

Finding Balance

The beginning of the year coincides with the beginning of my personal year, and I try and make time to think about what went well, projects that didn’t work out as planned, what I’d like achieve in the different areas of life this year. A recommendation by a friend recently led me to the website … More Finding Balance

Feldenkrais and Practice Part 4: Creativity and Play.

“A sensory stimulation is not an experience without awareness. There is no meaning to it before there is an internal query as to what one feels”. Moshe Feldenkrais As human beings we learn through play. It’s how as children, we learn to communicate with others, build relationship skills, conceptualise abstract thoughts; it encourages us to … More Feldenkrais and Practice Part 4: Creativity and Play.

Feldenkrais and Practise Part 3: Micromovements

Whilst my concert dress has stayed sadly in its wardrobe other than a brief outing in April, I did have one trip of fascination. Just before this second Lockdown I was invited to Sandhurst to teach some Feldenkrais to the British Army, to their Brass Band.Having been someone who wouldn’t have made it through the … More Feldenkrais and Practise Part 3: Micromovements