Emma Alter


I came to Feldenkrais by accident, at a music course. We lay on the floor, did some weird tiny movements, I wondered what I was doing there, and when I got up, I walked completely differently. I couldn’t believe. it. I hadn’t done anything one could construe as work in the normal sense and there I was moving with a fluidity I didn’t recognise as my own.

Back in the UK, I found a a teacher to continue with.  I noticed that when I was practising Feldenkrais regularly, I didn’t get the normal shoulder pain whilst playing, and felt calmer, more grounded, and better in general. My playing has transformed, I can say with hand on heart that practising Feldenkrais has made me a far better musician.

I was born with something wrong with my legs, and told by specialists throughout my childhood I would be in a wheelchair by 30. I was determined that wouldn’t happen, but knew I needed to be active to prevent it. I realised that the Feldenkrais Method would be a an intelligent way forward. Feldenkrais not a miracle cure, it can’t get rid of the condition I have, but practising it enables and assists me to use the rest of myself as well as possible to compensate for the parts of me that weren’t made so well.

I have less pain now than in my youth, move better than many able-bodied people I know, and go dancing and running.

I bring my kindness, intelligence, positivity and patience to work with clients, starting from where they are. We work together to explore the possibilities to change both the way you move. Thought, movement and muscular tension are intertwined — one can’t have a strong thought, and it not affect the musculature.

We use this ‘Feldenkraisian’ process of learning, through moving and sensing, to help clients first recognise, and then organically shift from their habitual patterns. Whether coming to me for performance ‘enhancement’, or because of chronic pain, I have successfully worked with many clients to find new patterns of moving, feeling and expression to emerge: allowing them to find or recapture pain free movement, grace, and power.

Twenty years of experience of professional performance at a world-class level and of pedagogic experience teaching violin/viola has given me a strong base to work with a wide range of clients, whatever walk of life they come from, or for whatever purpose they wish to improve the way they move. My individual clients have included singers, musicians, expectant mothers, children with special needs, computer programmers to cordon bleu chefs.

I especially enjoy working with both professional musicians and singers (of all genres) to improve performance and enable performers to harness more stamina, power and less discomfort.

The other area of speciality is working with children. I have over twenty years experience teaching children in a musical domain, and now add Feldenkrais. Combining the two is a positive way to work with very young children, allowing the movement to become part of a musical game we play together. ( I have an up to date Extended DBV Check)

At the end, I enjoy working with people of all ages and abilities who wish to learn something new to recapture pain free balance, movement, grace, and power.

I am fully insured, a member of the UK Feldenkrais Guild, (click here for my Feldenkrais Guild profile)  and abide by their Code of Ethics.

I sit on the board for the UK Feldenkrais Guild, (the British professional body) and was vice-secretary on the EuroTAB Council, the governing body for the European Accreditation Board for Feldenkrais from 2015-2017.

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4 thoughts on “Emma Alter

  1. Hi there, I would love to do a drop in class next week. I do alot of Pilates and would like to add abit more variety. I did 2 workshop at university and loved it but forgot about it until now.


    1. Hi Louise, thanks for your enquiry. My classes are on pause for August. We start back on the first Wednesday of September. You’d be very welcome to come along then. Kind regards


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